Jim Maloney loves the courtroom. He has tried well over 100 cases all across the country and has brought thousands of other cases to successful conclusion.

He has spent his entire professional life representing all kinds of companies in all types of lawsuits. When a suit cannot be resolved and is headed to trial, he’s someone you want to have in your corner.

Jim is a storyteller who can relate to any juror and judge in any region of the country. He firmly believes in the jury system, that there is no group of people more trustworthy than a jury, and that no case is too complicated to explain to a jury. He succeeds by being obsessively prepared and by being completely honest.

As Jim sees it, law firms and those calling themselves litigators too frequently lack experience actually trying lawsuits. Thus, they lack the judgment and instincts honed by actual practice. This can result in overpayments in settlement or in the settlement of cases which should not be settled. The absence of experience can also result in a lack of direction, inefficiencies, or results inconsistent with the merits of the dispute.

When no business solution presents itself, negotiations fail, or your case needs a firm and experienced hand at the helm, it might be time to consider hiring yourself a trial lawyer.

In addition to handling new matters, Jim is available to assist in ongoing cases where a change of strategy or direction is needed, or in those situations that simply require a trial lawyer with a proven record in the lead. Jim is also available to mediate or arbitrate selected matters.